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Privacy Statement

Through use of our products and services, you agree to this privacy policy and consent to the features specified therein, specifically the use of cookies, analysis tools and resources that facilitate targeted/personalized advertising.

Log Files

When you visit our website and view pages or content, you leave behind information on the nature of your visit, such as your choice of pages (URL), the date and time of your visit, the IP address of your computer, information on your device type and operating system and your browser ID (user agent string). This information is collected in server log files on our web server and stored for one year for debugging purposes.

Analysis Tools / Digital Marketing

We use modern, advanced analysis methods and tools to understand users’ habits on our website. This information helps us improve our products and services and provide relevant services and information. In principle, we use only anonymized data that does not allow us to identify the user.

Our website uses tools and features from other providers that allow us to collect data on how users use our website and prepare it for statistical analysis. This information allows us to provide users of other services on the internet (e.g. Google or Facebook) with targeted, relevant information and advertisements. These tools include Universal Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick/DoubleClick Floodlight, Dynamic Remarketing from Google, Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Connect, Twitter Advertising, Optimizely and Mailchimp.

These services use cookies, tags and tracking pixels for their various purposes. Cookies are small sections of code installed on the user’s computer that make it possible to identify the user, save user settings on a website and manage a session. They also enable logging and evaluation of visits and user interactions in various web services, and the sending of data to the web server. Tags are small sections of code built into websites and mobile applications that notify a server when a user carries out a certain action (e.g. clicking on a button). Pixel tags (also known as web beacons) are tiny image files embedded in websites or emails that allow conclusions to be drawn.